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On September 4, 2015, Aequus Wealth Management Resources and The Planning Center, Inc. officially merged. The combined companies, now boasting even more talent and experience with which to serve you, will go forward together as The Planning Center, Inc. While this site will be moving in the future, it will remain in operation during the transition process. For additional news, information, and developments, please continue to visit this web site. You may visit The Planning Center web site by clicking the link below. Thank you.

The Planning Center

Enjoy a life well lived. Call Nancy today at (312) 664-4090 to set up an appointment with an Aequus advisor.

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Behavioral Finance Helps People Deal with Emotions Behind Spending | Aug. 9, 2016

From the Aequus Newsletter

A Gift for Your Family

  Imagine a situation in which some or all of the following circumstances were to happen to you. Marlene, the matriarch of a family, is a youthful widow who is active, fiercely independent, and living on her own. Her adult daughter and son are both married and busy with their own broods,...

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From the Aequus Newsletter

Sometimes The Answer Should Be “NO”

by Matthew Sivertsen

A recent article in the Washington Post by financial columnist, blogger and equities analyst Barry Ritholtz advised investment clients to “say ‘yes’ to the financial advisor who will tell you ‘no.’” His article points out the daily dilemma that all...

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