Meeting Life’s Challenges

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Change is never-ending and often challenging. Sometimes it is event driven, like the death of a love one, a divorce, retirement, health crisis, an inheritance, sale of a business, or career advancement and working through the details of executive compensation. The transition between a triggering event and a new “normal” can be fraught with an overwhelming array of decisions, demands and emotional upheaval. The Aequus financial team is expert in guiding clients through the maze, using tools and processes developed through 25 years of experience.

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In The News

Forget the Empty Nest, Parents Now Fear the Cost of a Full One

Dan Fitzgerald appears in InvestmentNews | Nov. 2, 2014

In The News

New Aequus Adviser Looking for Long-Term Client Relationships

Dan Fitzgerald appears in Naperville Sun | Nov. 2, 2014

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Solo Travel for Ladies of a “Certain” Age…by Cicily Maton

In June, I took a most interesting trip to Zambia. My solo trip was motivated by two things; Michelle and Mike have made ten trips to Africa, and over the years I have been hearing their tales of adventure. I needed to see things for myself. In addition, I have a number of women clients...

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