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Office Art

Because our approach to life and financial planning embraces change, opportunity and exuberance, each piece of art on display in our office exemplifies some part of our philosophy. The paintings, wall hangings, mobiles, even our tableware have titles or designs that add meaning to the art itself. Here are some examples of artists and artwork we have come to cherish.

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“Tea Service”

by Monica Rudquist

“Functional forms, especially those that pour, have always fascinated me,” says Monica Rudquist. “I like to take traditional vessels as my starting point and then see what I can do, play with them, push the clay to see what it will let me do with it. When I put these types of pieces together it’s one big game of questions and answers, solving problems.”

There is no question Rudquist’s artwork in porcelain calls attention to itself. Her designs are almost muscular with graceful curves that subtly swerve off-kilter. Cicily first spotted Rudquist’s tea service at a Chicago art show and knew immediately its dramatic form might serve the function of starting conversations when meeting with clients. She was right.

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“Turning Point”

by Dominic Toming Cheng

Dominic Cheng created a unique style of paining which combines the refined quality of Chinese traditional art skill and Western modernist abstractive concepts. His inspiration comes from his travels in China and his love of food, music, and excursion. Dominic likes to use delightful acrylic colors and dynamic brushstrokes to create the energy of human nature and the beauty of wildlife.

Cheng’s painting “Turning Point” exemplifies his forceful, energetic style. The abstract canvas, one of Cicily’s favorites, hangs in the Aequus conference room. It is an absorbing piece of art—at once radiant and dark, blissful and brooding. Its title should serves as a reminder to all of us that though transitions are often neither easy nor calm, they are an inevitable part of our lives for which we must prepare.

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“Sliding Down the Rainbow”

by Gail Perazzini

Gail Perazzini began her professional career in 1974, showing her paintings and pen-and-ink drawings in various galleries, and in an annual outdoor show sponsored by the American School Foundation. When Gail discovered monotypes, she recognized instantly that this was her medium. The opportunity for spontaneity, surprise and variety, the sensuousness of the inks, and the one-of-a-kind nature of the work all appealed to her.

A sumptuously colored painting by Gail entitled “Sliding Down the Rainbow” can be found prominently displayed in Aequus’ conference room. It captures the brilliance and joys that life has to offer. For Cicily and Michelle, it symbolizes the dream and the journey we all take in search of happiness in our lives. It is also an apt reminder that despite life’s ups and downs, every life is its own work of art.

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“The Dance of Now”

by Gail Perazzini

Gail Perazzini was drawing as far back as she can remember. She always knew that painting would be her life’s devotion, and the contemporary scene her context. More thoroughly than ever, art is her life—a destiny she has built for herself, persistently, unerringly, since her early youth.

Indicative of Gail’s vivid illustrative style, “The Dance of Now” currently hangs on the office walls at Aequus. The painting, like its title, is bright and cheerful. With its bold strokes and vivid shades, it is lively and animated. Its connection to music is conveyed through color. It is a monotype-style painting that more than lives up to its name.