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The Aequus Team

Each member of the Aequus Team is here to support, assist, guide and serve clients in making sound decisions in their quest for a fulfilling life. As our founder, Cicily Maton, has said, “Every decision is a financial decision.” We are committed to helping clients make decisions that are in harmony with their goals, values and dreams.

Cicily Carson Maton

Cicily Carson Maton


Cicily Maton, CFP™, CFT™, founder of and partner in Aequus Wealth Management Resources, has always been a competitor. She enjoys race walking, weight training, and participating in marathons because she knows the benefits of working out are more than physical. Her commitment to exercise is part of her continuing effort to lead a balanced life.

“We lead by example,” Cicily says. “Staying in shape is part of my philosophy of leading a life worth living. My activities are an extension of my mission to try to exemplify what leading a fulfilling life means.”

Cicily learned the need for balance first-hand when her marriage of 19 years ended in divorce. Seeking a new career, she found her calling as a financial planner. While serving clients in her new practice, she realized the need for a better process of making financial decisions that affect our lives.

The experience led her to establish Aequus in 1987, an independent, fee-only financial planning firm—one that is free from the conflict of interest inherent in large brokerage houses and insurance companies. It provides an array of customized financial services to clients preparing for or going through life’s inevitable transitions.

At the beginning of her career in financial planning, Cicily developed a specialized service focusing on decision-making for those in the throes of divorce. She organized the financial details to compliment the legal process, but also included exercises and discussions on personal goals and values.  The services covered building a new path to a fulfilling life after divorce. This was her first experience with working with clients dealing with emotional and mental stress and its effect on decision making.

Cicily was an early advocate of Life Planning, a process that focuses not just on clients’ financial goals but integrates their life experience and values into their life goals as well. She was an original member of the Nazrudin Project, a group of financial planning professionals who recognized that financial planning was more than numbers. It was at this first meeting of Nazrudin that Cicily met Susan Bradley, founder of the Sudden Money® Institute (SMI).  Both Cicily and Michelle have been a part of SMI since its beginning, adding their experience and insights to the collective knowledge of the Certified Financial Transitionist™ professional.

As a lead advisor to on-going clients, Cicily is a member of the team responsible for:

  • designing portfolios to meet clients’ goals and support their values
  • monitor asset allocation and adhere to Investment Policy
  • recommendation appropriate investments
  • monitoring progress toward client goals, suggesting changes as life evolves

Traveling is another of Cicily’s many passions. One favorite trip included a visit to Machu Pichu in Peru with daughter (and Aequus partner) Michelle and son Jean-Paul. Another was a month-long exploration of Argentina’s largest city, Buenos Aries, with husband Sheldon. Cicily also makes an annual pilgrimage to Sedona, Arizona, a city in the Northern Verde Valley region known for its stunning array of red sandstone formations, the Red Rocks of Sedona. There she hikes amid the 400+ miles of trails and takes time to reflect and recharge.

Though her schedule is hectic and her work demanding, Cicily finds that working out helps keep life in balance. “Rather than tire us out, exercise recharges us,” she says. “It awakens us to the excitement and possibilities that make every day a singular experience. It helps us to focus on meeting life’s challenges and elevates us to the top of our game—no matter what our age, vocation or dreams for a fulfilling life.”

• Member of the Financial Planning Association
• Member of the National Association for Personal Financial Advisors
• Certified Financial Transitionist™(CFT®) of the Sudden Money® Institute
• Money Quotient Licensee
• Member of the Nazrudin Project

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and federally registered CFP (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements.


Michelle Maton

Michelle Maton


Michelle Maton is, first and foremost, a financial planner. In addition, she is a world traveler and an ardent conservationist. She has managed to merge all three interests as an advocate for endangered animals around the globe.

“I have a passion for travel,” she reveals. “My first visit to Africa in 1996 changed my life, and I return as often as I can. Tourism is one of the ways we can help countries in Africa. It helps the people by bringing dollars into the community, and it helps raise the profile of conservation and animal rights efforts in the region.”

Michelle began her career in finance as a bank teller. She then spent the next five years as a trust accountant and a specialist in 401 (k) plans and qualified pension plan terminations. Just two years after joining Aequus Wealth Management Resources in July of 1990, she earned her Certified Financial Planning™ (CFP) Certification. In April of 1995, she became an Enrolled Agent to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

Since that time, she has pursued training in life planning including becoming a Registered Life Planner® (RFP®) with the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.  In 2012, Michelle added to her expertise by earning the Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor™(ADPA®) certification.

Michelle has been a part of the Sudden Money® Institute since its inception.  She has earned the designation Certified Financial Transitionist™(CFT®).

“As a part of the Aequus team, I believe that my skills in the areas of taxes and pensions, in addition to my experience in financial planning, coupled with life planning, focusing on transitions, make Aequus a financial planning firm with unique strengths,” Michelle says.

• Member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA)
• National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)
• Registered Life Planner®(RFP®) of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning
• Certified Financial Transitionist™(CFT®) of the Sudden Money® Institute
• Money Quotient Licensee
• Member of the Nazrudin Project

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and federally registered CFP (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements.

Sheldon Lee

Sheldon Lee

Like his wife, Cicily, Sheldon is a true believer in the benefits of exercise. Workouts are now a part of his daily regimen. He also enjoys travel and is more than happy to join Cicily on trips to Paris, Barcelona and Buenos Aries, as well as the annual trip to Sedona. The highlight of the Barcelona trip was seeing his favorite soccer player, Lionel Messi, of the F.C.Barcelona Club.

He has never been one to shy away from a challenge. That is why, after running a successful business for more than 35 years, Sheldon was not ready to retire. Instead he brought his expertise to Aequus.

Sheldon’s duties as Comptroller include handling all receivables and payables for the company. In addition, he inputs client data and provides instruction to clients learning Quicken. Sheldon is also a Notary Public. “My position at Aequus is perfect for me,” Sheldon explained. “I have the advantage of interacting with both clients and my co-workers.”

In addition to all this, he is a gourmet cook often creating innovative recipes for clients and friends.

Nancy Caldie

Nancy Caldie

Born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin, Nancy has always had wanderlust. She has lived overseas and traveled to exotic locales all over the world, including such destinations as Paris, Prague, Venice, Amman, Istanbul, Beijing, and Hanoi. Her travels have left her with indelible impressions of people and places that she says “…will stay with me forever.” The photo of the Temple of Heaven was taken on one of her first trips into China from Hong Kong, where she lived for more than ten years.

In 2000, Nancy’s marriage ended and along with it her desire to live overseas. Chicago, the Windy City, was the logical place to begin her new life. Needing financial advice, she attended a seminar on divorce where she heard Cicily speak about the financial possibilities and realities of divorce. This led her to Aequus where she became a client, and soon thereafter, an employee.

Now her travels take her both to the east and the west coasts of America.  Daughter Laura and her family live in Oakland, California.  Visits there are always fun and full of surprises, especially with grandson Thomas and granddaughter, Ellie. 

Kristen and her family have now relocated to Odenton, Maryland. There is so much to explore on the east coast and exploring with them is always a fun adventure from visiting Washington, DC to finding new crab shacks along the many waterfronts.

Maybe best of all is the central location of Chicago and the many and varied entertainments available here, to make it easy and attractive for both the east coasters and the west coasters to visit.  Sometimes the greatest pleasure is to fire up the grill with friends and family and enjoy each other’s company in the back yard.

Wm. Marty Martin

Wm. Marty Martin

Psy.D, M.P.H., M.A.

As a lover of the visual and performing arts, Marty regards his work as a performing art in which he challenges himself and others to become fully engaged in life yet at the same time prepare for an abundant future. Studying at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. and the Pratt Institute of Design in Manhattan, he has blended his fine arts education with his passion for Tai Chi Chuan and his dedication to applying the science of psychology to individual and organizational performance.

In recent years, Marty has served as a volunteer for the Red Cross working with first responders and disaster victims in a way that allows them to tap into their own resilient spirit. During the past couple of years, he has been working in New Orleans with physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals who are seeking to serve others while at the same time getting their lives “back on track.” Dating back to his junior year in high school, Marty’s commitment to serving others began as a volunteer working in La Cuidad de Los Niños in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he helped in the construction of a new school for the orphans.

When asked by clients, “As a psychologist, how did you become interested in working with individuals and couples on money issues?” he responds, “It was back in 2000 when the market crashed and I found myself working with individuals and couples who were anxious, depressed, angry, and despondent about money. I decided that these individuals could benefit from all that traditional psychology and behavioral finance has to offer them.” Since 2000, Marty enrolled in the College for Financial Planning and took all the courses necessary to sit for the CFP examination. He then completed the Money Quotient training in financial life planning and has continued to not only educate himself but speak and write about money psychology and socially responsible investing.

Marty not only works with his clients on leading a more engaged and fulfilled life, but also a life in which balance is key. Since being a doctoral student at Rutgers, Marty has been an avid practitioner of Mindfulness Meditation. He has found this contemplative practice to benefit him personally and professionally.

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Anina De Tommaso

Anina De Tommaso


Anina De Tommaso, Client Service Specialist, joined Aequus in 2013. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Anina often visited family members in Chicago when she was growing up. Those periodic visits fueled her desire to live in this vibrant city.

Anina holds the importance of family and friendships dear to her heart. So, after graduating from Ball State University in 2004, she thought Chicago would be the perfect place to start her life’s journey. “Family is very important to me, which makes Chicago perfect for me since my family is close by,” she says.

Anina’s love for animals and travel became evident early in her life. Growing up, she would often visit the zoo and had a large assortment of different pets. She adopted Dolce, her Chihuahua mix, from the Anti-Cruelty Society five years ago. The dog is a ball of energy that she loves to take on walks all around the city.

Being fit and healthy is very important to Anina, and she tries to live a healthy lifestyle. When she is not at the gym, Anina is out walking around the city with Dolce, taking in all of the beautiful sights and sounds of Chicago. One of her fitness goals is to run in a 5K race. “It’s on the list of things I hope to accomplish one day,” Anina says.

To add to the challenges of remaining fit, not only does Anina enjoy the splendor of Chicago, she enjoys the food.  Chicago is a melting pot of foods from different cultures, and she loves to try out the new restaurants that seem to pop up all over the city. “My favorite foods and desserts are Italian,” says Anina. “But nothing on earth can compare to my dad’s homemade pasta and my mother’s homemade blueberry crisp!”

Discovering new beaches and traveling to exotic locations are among Anina’s other favorite pursuits.  Her favorite beach is in the Dominican Republic. “I love the culture there, the food, and drinks; overall, it is a great place to visit,” she says. In addition, she plans to visit Europe in the future. “My grandparents came to America from Italy,” she says. “That will be the first stop on my European tour.”